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Never Judge a Book by its Cover!

But what if your reader does?

We offer premium design services to attract reader’s attention Our team has the creativity and graphical expertise to give your manuscript a face

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A book cover has the ability to sum up the thousands of words written in the manuscript and summarize it in a nutshell. In many books, the Book Cover is the only form of visual imagery that is present for the reader.

A number of platforms have specific requirements for book cover design. Simultaneously the book cover is a big opportunity to entice your reader to know more about it and ultimately buying it. Therefore its important to pay special attention to the book cover.


Hire our creative team to make your book standout from others. Utilizing communication design and immersive visuals, we will design a book cover for you that speaks your message and invites attention. Book covers play important role in garnering attention at digital platforms and libraries as the readers mostly view the front and back book cover to assess whether the book is worth buying or borrowing.


While the importance of the actual manuscript and the efforts of the author is unquestionable, yet it is a book cover that can make a book’s way to the top. In marketing terms this refers to Packaging. A book cover is a packaging of your manuscript. The better the packaging design, the better are the chances that consumers will buy and read into what you have to offer.

Anecdotally, First Impressions are said to be the last. A Book Cover is the first thing that a potential reader interacts with when searching a book. Failure to communicate with the reader would result in poor visibility of the book, leading to poor sales and popularity. The Book Cover should be designed a way that it holistically informs the viewer about the book’s subject and its main theme.


You can get expert Writing & Publishing advice by speaking to one of our consultants. Alternatively, you can fill a form, let us know your preferred time and we will call you back.

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Professionalism with Personalized Service: We treat your ideas and work like our own and tirelessly work to bring out the best results for you. We work with each author individually according to their aspirations, genre, style, and other preferences. We offer 100% Rights with No Strings Attached: With AMZ Publishers Pro you own all the rights to your work. This means you get all the royalties and all the profits with no claim by anyone whatsoever.

100% Money Back Guarantee: We will go at all lengths to achieve the level of satisfaction that you desire for your publication. If not, we will simply return your money – no questions asked


We consider writing to be a form of Art. We aspire to bring the true potential of writers out into the Literary world and enable their contribution to the Global writing canvas.

We are followers of Japanese principles of Kaizen, Six Sigma & Total Quality Management to provide a progressively improving publishing experience for a satisfied customer.

Our History is as old as the Industry itself. We are proud of our proven Success Stories and plethora of Industry Experience which has transformed us into a Market Leader

AMZ Publishers Pro is a leading Publishing House. We bring decades of experience to the table together with professionalism, zeal and enthusiasm

  • Award winning Customer Support
  • Vetted, Expert Professionals
  • Diverse Portfolio
  • On time – 99.99%
  • Fair Prices – Flexible Plans
  • One Window Solutions

What Do Our Book Publishing Services Include?

We offer you a 360˚ rotational view of the book publication process and assist you at every stage of your decision-making process. Our services are ideal for those authors who want to focus on their ideas and thoughts, leaving the rest of the work to a professional team.


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