Every manuscript follows an innovative 3 Layered Editing and Proofreading Process that filters out any errors or ambiguities

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Editing & Proofreading with 100% Accuracy

Language, spelling, grammar, syntax, tone and whatnot. Editors and proofreaders live far away from the writers that are trained to judge a manuscript only on the basis of certain set of rules. Our team combines Technology and Human Input to take your manuscript through a 3 Layered Process which ensures consistency in the tone of content while being error free.

Untangle Yourself

One of the foremost things we dread for you to fall into is infinite loop of manuscript revision. The Digital Age of today allows the writers to revise and reprint their manuscript as many times as they wish. However, only an industry experienced Editor can decide when to pull the ropes


After submission from the client, the manuscript goes for the first review to the Editing Team which will also supervise proofreading at a later stage. The team evaluates the manuscript from different angles and charts our major deficiencies or areas of improvement. The manuscript is also assessed using proprietary software to estimate overall congruence in the tone and style of manuscript.


This is first of the many times that the manuscript will be read from the first page to the last by an experienced editor who possesses relevant academic and practical skills as well as native fluency in the language. At times, the editor is also supported by a junior who may accelerate the editing process by executing changes as instructed by the main editor.


The manuscript is divided into parts and distributed among proofreaders. This has two benefits: Firstly, it maintains the confidentiality of our clients and their piece of work. Secondly, with this rotation the proofreaders are able to concentrate over short pieces of words, concentrating fully on detecting and removing any errors according to our Publishing Standards.


The Manuscript is put into different software to look for any further errors such as grammar or syntax that might have been overlooked by the human eye. Detailed reports on vocabulary usage, sentence structures and other variables are generated and sent back to the main editor.

*Processes 2, 3, and 4 are repeated in 3 separate Phases before moving on to process 5
05 – Submission

Manuscript is submitted to the author. Any revisions or feedback are taken into account and executed accordingly.


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Professionalism with Personalized Service: We treat your ideas and work like our own and tirelessly work to bring out the best results for you. We work with each author individually according to their aspirations, genre, style, and other preferences. We offer 100% Rights with No Strings Attached: With AMZ Publishers Pro you own all the rights to your work. This means you get all the royalties and all the profits with no claim by anyone whatsoever.

100% Money Back Guarantee: We will go at all lengths to achieve the level of satisfaction that you desire for your publication. If not, we will simply return your money – no questions asked


We consider writing to be a form of Art. We aspire to bring the true potential of writers out into the Literary world and enable their contribution to the Global writing canvas.

We are followers of Japanese principles of Kaizen, Six Sigma & Total Quality Management to provide a progressively improving publishing experience for a satisfied customer.

Our History is as old as the Industry itself. We are proud of our proven Success Stories and plethora of Industry Experience which has transformed us into a Market Leader

AMZ Publishers Pro is a leading Publishing House. We bring decades of experience to the table together with professionalism, zeal and enthusiasm

  • Award winning Customer Support
  • Vetted, Expert Professionals
  • Diverse Portfolio
  • On time – 99.99%
  • Fair Prices – Flexible Plans
  • One Window Solutions

What Do Our Book Publishing Services Include?

We offer you a 360˚ rotational view of the book publication process and assist you at every stage of your decision-making process. Our services are ideal for those authors who want to focus on their ideas and thoughts, leaving the rest of the work to a professional team.


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