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Embrace the power of real humans and the infinite potential of the human brain. Our creative writing processes ensure that the Ghostwriters who write for you are not alien from your own thoughts and wisdom. We keep regular interaction with you so that you are always up-to-date with your book’s process. We give you the freedom to live your life independently while your aspirations are being met with tireless efforts on our end.

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In this Age of Information, writers face a huge influx of constant content consumption that may divert them from their original line of action. The work practices applied at AMZ Publishers Pro ensures that our Ghostwriters are heavily invested in your topic and not diverted from the original theme of ideas decided in the brief.

01 Autobiographies

Every human experience is unique. Whether you want to enlighten the readers with lessons you learned in life, or introduce a new approach to career success, Autobiographies are a great way to captivate your reader. They will help you gain a personal connection with the reader leading him to believing in your work and enticing curiosity to know more about you or your work.


Writing an Informative book can gain you considerable success in your professional area of expertise. You can seek to increase the knowledge of your reader or enable them to understand about an entirely new subject. Informative books help writers earn an authentic position in the eyes of their readers, nurturing respect and trust.


A highly profitable niche in the writing segments that has the potential to earn 6 figure monetary benefits for its offer and a fan following. Numerous novels have debuted into award winning movies and historical TV shows. The important catch related to Novels & Novellas that they are often transformed into series, many a times on the demands of readers themselves. Imagine your readers demanding you to write your next book. Your marketing is already done!


Globally, is recommended to instill reading habit in children from a very young age. That is why every year millions of parents by children’s book according to their child’s preferences and interests. Children books have a quick turnaround time as compared to other forms of writing however they are highly dependent on graphical artwork and illustrations

05 – Memoirs

This genre is non-fiction also has the ability to connect with the reader on a deeply personal level. Bringing out memories from the back of your mind and crafting them into a big picture requires exceptional mastery of words and the ability to connect at the humane level. Memoirs are a great contribution to the civilization since they form part of the collective human history based on the unique lens of an individual.

06 – Thriller/Mystery

Thrillers and Mysteries are a type of fiction which have the advantage of having a satisfied reader that goes through a roller coaster ride of highs and lows by just going silently through a text. They have the ability to keep your reader awake, sometimes to even the finish the book in one go and asking for your next book.


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Professionalism with Personalized Service: We treat your ideas and work like our own and tirelessly work to bring out the best results for you. We work with each author individually according to their aspirations, genre, style, and other preferences. We offer 100% Rights with No Strings Attached: With AMZ Publishers Pro you own all the rights to your work. This means you get all the royalties and all the profits with no claim by anyone whatsoever.

100% Money Back Guarantee: We will go at all lengths to achieve the level of satisfaction that you desire for your publication. If not, we will simply return your money – no questions asked


We consider writing to be a form of Art. We aspire to bring the true potential of writers out into the Literary world and enable their contribution to the Global writing canvas.

We are followers of Japanese principles of Kaizen, Six Sigma & Total Quality Management to provide a progressively improving publishing experience for a satisfied customer.

Our History is as old as the Industry itself. We are proud of our proven Success Stories and plethora of Industry Experience which has transformed us into a Market Leader

AMZ Publishers Pro is a leading Publishing House. We bring decades of experience to the table together with professionalism, zeal and enthusiasm

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What Do Our Book Publishing Services Include?

We offer you a 360˚ rotational view of the book publication process and assist you at every stage of your decision-making process. Our services are ideal for those authors who want to focus on their ideas and thoughts, leaving the rest of the work to a professional team.


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